Is a fully tiled pool worth it?

The question always arises as to whether you should fully tile your pool. We do strongly recommend it to all of our clients for a number of reasons but obviously budget can some times be restricting.

Providing tiles are laid well, they are a life long finish, not prone to staining or discolouration. The feel of a tile finish under your feet is much softer than that of a render finish, which can feel harsh on your feet as well as stain and discolour over time.

Glass tiles are rated as impervious so as well as being resistant to staining they are also more resistant to harsh pool chemicals.
Glass tiles have gained popularity over the past 10 years due to their superior durability as well as their never ending colour options and customization. We use Swimple glass mosaics on the majority of our pools. They’re a 20mm glass tile and there are many different colour combinations available to choose from.

Whilst all things can date, glass mosaics have a much more timeless look. Going for more natural tones will help to keep your pool from dating and with the selection that’s available in glass tiles, you’ll be sure to find the right colour for your pool.

IMG_4843If budget is going to be an issue, we would recommend to at least consider a waterline tile. The waterline tile adds some class to the pool as well as increases the ease of cleaning the dirt that deposits on the walls of the pool along the waterline.

We recommend on visiting to view their range of glass mosaic pool tiles.

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