Garden Design & Landscaping

The Garden Company and The Pool Company work hand in hand to deliver a unique and exciting outdoor area.

Front garden design

Garden design is a big part of what ties everything together. Even with a brilliant brand new pool, it will suffer without some beautiful pool landscaping.

We have a passion for delivering the greatest garden design in Melbourne with outstanding service and a solid industry reputation to deliver your perfect back yard.

While some customers want a full garden designed from start to finish, others simply want their own dream design and landscape ideas to be realised.

Whatever your vision, we can bring it to life.

Once we have agreed on what you want, our team delivers 3D renders with multiple options for what your garden design will look like.

What services do we offer?

The Garden Company offers a complete range of premium services to achieve the aesthetics and perfection that will not only add value to your home, but speak volumes about your personality and tastes.

Landscape Design

Once you have decided to commit to a new garden design, our team will work with you to figure out exactly what you want. They take this information and turn it into multiple 3D renders so you can see exactly what your new outdoor area will look like.

Lighting in the garden design

Garden Lighting

If you want that extra “wow” factor, installing garden lighting can really make your garden pop with colour at night. Why not show off your new fantastic garden?


A new pergola is the perfect way to transform your garden into a usable and beautiful outdoor living area for the family. They are designed to extend your outdoor area and blend seamlessly into your home.

Incorporating an alfresco area in the garden design

Outdoor Alfresco Areas

The next step up from a pergola is actually extending your home with an outdoor alfresco area. This is perfect for outdoor entertaining, especially if built near a pool, and will greatly increase the value of your home with it’s elegant design.


Aside from extending the roof of your home, extending the floors pace with decking creates a welcoming environment to stroll out in bare feet to enjoy the sun.

A water feature in the middle of a garden

Water Features

A great way to catch the eye of your guests is a beautiful water feature. Offering a luxurious look, water features can be made out of numerous matrerials to suit your garden and home.


Whether the ground or retaining walls, there can be something said about well-done stonework. Adding texture and colour to your outdoor area brings it to life and keeps the eye intrigued.


Our landscapers also offer irrigation to keep your new garden alive, and drain away any excess water.

Example of hard and soft landscape construction

Hard and Soft Landscape Construction

By utilising plants and various construction materials, we are able to completely transform your garden visually and structurally.

Please contact us for more information about what we can do for your garden and home.

About Us

The Garden Company & The Pool Company are a dynamic, progressive multi-award winning landscape and pool construction company. Based in Melbourne, they service all areas, ranging as far as the Mornington Peninsula, right through to the Bayside and Macedon Ranges.

They specialise in all facets of landscaping and pool building as well as offering in house landscape & pool design.